7 Enticing Reasons Why You Should Retire in Florida

Thinking about retirement? Wondering where to spend your golden years enjoying the fruits of your labor? Then unsurprisingly, Florida is one of the first places to come to mind. It boasts all the advantages and benefits that attract retirees year upon year. Wonderful weather, beautiful beaches, a range of activities and entertainment, and flexible accommodation options.

But is it the right choice for you? Does it have what you are looking for? What exactly makes Florida the best retirement destination?

1. Ideal Weather Conditions

Florida is known as The Sunshine State for good reason. It’s warm weather and subtropical climate acts as an obvious draw for those looking to escape the winter weather and all the unpleasant consequences associated with icy temperatures.

And the best part about having mostly sunny weather year-round, is it gives residents and visitors endless opportunities to take part in a wide variety of outdoor activities and excursions.

2. Beautiful Beaches

How best to enjoy the good weather? Head on down to the beach!

Florida boasts some of the best beaches in the nation. The state is bordered by both the Gulf of Mexico as well as the Atlantic Ocean giving rise to some truly spectacular coastlines. From the pure white sand of the Clearwater beach to the orange shores of Daytona, the beaches of the state are not only wide-ranging in their hues and textures but also in the adventures and experiences on offer.

Florida beaches are not just renown for fishing, surfing, kayaking, parasailing, rollerblading and horseback riding. You can take part in the American Sand-sculpting Championship at Fort Myers, join the annual Mullet Toss, or participate in the great Southern Tailgate Cook-off.  There really is a beach for everyone.

3. Culture and Entertainment Galore

Home to the largest amusement park in the country, the Walt Disney World Resort, as well as countless other theme parks, the fun never ends in Florida! Theme parks are a huge attraction for visitors and residents alike, but for those less interested in rollercoasters and magical kingdoms, Florida doesn’t let you down.

The Tallahassee Museum is a treat for wildlife and history enthusiasts, while art-lovers would appreciate the wonder that is the Salvador Dali Museum. Living in Florida can certainly feel like a non-stop vacation.

4. Beautiful Golf Courses

Nothing complements a well-earned retirement quite like a good game of golf. And with over 1,300 public and private golf courses in the state, it’s no wonder that Florida is considered a haven for those looking to tee off.

The physical and social benefits of the game aside, playing on the beautifully landscaped courses of Florida offer an incomparable experience.

5. Retirement Communities and Clubs

The numerous retirement communities and clubs located in the state are ideal for those looking to live in comfort and luxury while at the same time having access to a wide range of amenities and recreational facilities.

These resort-like gated communities provide a host of incredible advantages such as beautifully designed homes, security, an array of dining options, private swimming pools, fitness facilities and even golf courses. Retirement has never looked better!

And even for the snowbirds who do not wish to completely uproot themselves away from family, these community homes provide the benefit of investing in real estate. This is because, many communities offer you the option of renting out your property for the portion of the year during which it would be vacant. This seamlessly provides you with rental income in addition to having a home available every time you visit the state.

6. Tax Benefits

One of the most obvious advantages of retiring in Florida are the tax policies. Florida has no state income tax, no estate or inheritance tax, and property taxes and sales taxes are not exceedingly high. This ensures that your Social security benefits, pension, or income from 401(k)s remain untaxed.

These financially beneficial tax policies make the state a popular retirement option even for those simply looking to escape during the winter months. This also makes Florida incredibly appealing to senior citizens looking to spend their retirement income on something they enjoy. After all, they have earned it.

7. Health Care

An important factor for retirees when considering retirement options is the quality and ease of access to healthcare. And with the highest percentage of people over 65 in the nation, it’s no surprise that Florida prides itself on the vast number of geriatric healthcare options available.

The Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, the Cleveland Clinic in Weston, and the Tampa General Hospital are just some of the highly sought-after health care providers in the state.

It’s no wonder that Florida is the preferred choice for so many people seeking to enjoy their retirement years surrounded by the best. The warm weather, spectacular shores, an abundance of activities, affordability, quality of life and healthcare make Florida an incomparable retirement destination.

If you too are looking for a place to call your own where you can reap all the benefits of retirement, visit us at The Bear’s Den! We specialize in making your retirement dreams a reality!