What is The Bear’s Den Residence Club?

The Bear’s Den Residence Club is a private club that provides its members with: abundant lodging in spacious, luxurious and meticulously appointed homes; world-class recreation; comprehensive golf and social membership privileges; easy access to the multitude of attractions that make Central Florida the country’s premier family destination; personalized services, and; an attractive rental income opportunity.

What are the advantages of Residence Club membership?

The Bear’s Den Residence Club combines the benefits of proprietary vacation home enjoyment with resort amenities, golf membership privileges, and hotel services. Members enjoy generous vacation home use, without the worries typically associated with absentee ownership, at a significantly reduced purchase price and annual expense.In addition to enjoying rental income if you choose not to use any of your Club weeks

How is my Residence Club membership evidenced?

Each member receives title representing a 1/5 ownership of their Residence Club home and enjoyment of the Club privileges detailed in the Club Documents. These rights will be secured through an interest in the LLC controlling the Residence Club home in which you have lodging privileges (your “Designated Residence”). Upon the expiration of the 10-year period, each member can choose to renew their membership(retain ownership) or receive a full refund of the membership initiation fee plus 1/5th of appreciation of the “Designated Residence”.

How many members will share use of each Residence Club home?

Only 4 Residence Club members have lodging privileges in a Club residence. The 5th interest is retained by the sponsor.

Can more than one family or individual share a single membership?

Yes.  Individuals can form legal entities to control a membership.

As a member, how often can I vacation in my Residence Club home?

Club management will allocate each member 10 Club vacation weeks, ensuring all members have fair and equal access to the most demanded vacation times

Can I send guests to enjoy my Residence Club vacations?

Yes. As with any vacation home, members may invite unaccompanied guests to use any of their confirmed vacations without a guest fee.  Accompanied and unaccompanied guests have access to the same membership, facilities and service privileges as a member while residing in the member’s Designated Residence.

Can Residence Club members rent a portion of their vacation time?

Yes.  The Bear’s Den Residence Club has been designed to provide members with ample personal use and the opportunity for significant rental income. Each calendar year members may specify to Club management which of their vacation weeks they want to reserve for personal use and which weeks they want to make available for rental.

Can I exchange my Residence Club lodging privileges with owners of other luxury resort properties?

Yes. The Bear’s Den Residence Club has been selected to participate in the prestigious Elite AllianceSM exchange program (www.EliteAlliance.com). Your complimentary Elite Alliance membership provides exchange privileges with owners at an expanding family of prestigious properties in premier domestic and international destinations.  Members can deposit one or more of their Club weeks scheduled for personal use with Elite Alliance and use Elite Alliance credits to explore a wide variety of exciting and exotic locations. Elite Alliance members also have access to valuable and deeply discounted short-notice vacations that do not require vacation deposits.

Do Residence Club members pay annual dues?

Yes. The comprehensive annual dues pay for the professional management and operation of the Residence Club homes. Included in these comprehensive annual dues are funds for property tax, master association fees, golf club fees, staff salaries, supplies, home maintenance, trash removal, legal/accounting, utilities, management fee, and reserves for the scheduled replacement of residence furnishings and appliances. These fees are a fraction of the all-in costs associated with traditional vacation home ownership. Additionally can be offset/completely covered by the rental program.

Who establishes the annual dues?

The annual dues are set prior to the beginning of the Club Year by the Residence Club management company in accordance with the Club Membership documents.

Do owners pay any lodging fees when they vacation at their Residence Club?


Do owners pay housekeeping fees when they vacation at their Residence Club?

Yes. The housekeeping fee paid upon departure pays for a complete cleaning to prepare the residence for the next arriving owner or rental guest.  Owners may opt for a daily tidy service an additional fee.

Can my Residence Club membership be transferred?

Yes. Like other prestigious clubs, memberships can be transferred, willed or sold by a member through The Bear’s Den Residence Club in accordance with the Club Membership documents.