7 FAQs About Corporate Rentals in Orlando

The city of Orlando is known for a great many things. A vacationer’s paradise, a haven for those seeking warmer climates, a retiree’s idyllic retreat, and so much more!

But an often-underestimated feature of Orlando is the incredible range and scope of its accommodations. Particularly those centered around corporate rentals.

Corporate rentals in Orlando offer visitors amazing accommodations, first-class facilities and the chance to relax in and explore one of the most-favored vacation spots in the world. With so much on offer, it’s no wonder that even business trips to Orlando feel like the ultimate holiday!

Interested in leasing corporate rentals but not quite sure where to start? We have all the answers here:

1. What is a corporate rental?

Corporate rental or corporate housing refers to a property such as a house or apartment and its associated services, that are leased by a company on a temporary basis for various purposes.

The property comes fully-furnished and generally includes the services and amenities found in most upscale hotels. Simply put, it provides the comforts and conveniences of home with the service and facilities of a hotel.

2. For what occasions are corporate rentals suitable?

The use and purpose of corporate rentals are as wide-ranging as the company’s (or tenants) needs. These may include:

  • Short-term housing for employees
  • Company retreats
  • Retreats for clients and business associates

In other words, corporate rentals are ideally suited for any purpose from housing employees during business trips, to hosting and entertaining clientele.

3. Why is Orlando the perfect destination for corporate rentals?

Being the most-visited city in Florida, Orlando caters to tourists and visitors like no other. With great weather, fantastic accommodations, and a city-full of attractions, a visit to Orlando is a vacation unto itself.

This proves particularly true when entertaining clients and guests for corporate retreats. The numerous attractions, theme parks, and golf courses ensure that no guest or visitor leaves without being thoroughly entertained and relaxed.

As a result, Orlando makes perfect sense when considering a corporate rental. The high quality of the accommodations available paired with excellent services and top-notch attractions allow companies to host employees and clients in wonderful fashion.

4. What to look for in a corporate rental?

When looking at a corporate rental, several factors must be considered to ensure it is the right fit. Some of these key considerations include:

  • Location –

The rental property must ideally be in close proximity to one’s workplace or in a convenient location with easy access to transportation. Having shopping centers and dining and entertainment options nearby would be an added benefit.

  • Quality of the accommodations –

Seems like an obvious factor, but it cannot be emphasized enough. The corporate rental should preferably feature all home comforts including a fully-equipped kitchen. It is also important to check if the property is clean and well-maintained which is a reflection of the overall quality of the rental space.

  • Space –

The space or accommodations available play an important role if the rental property is likely to be used for hosting large groups. As such, the size of the corporate rental and the number of rooms available must be considered.

  • Amenities provided –

Most rental properties offer basic amenities such as parking, security, housekeeping, laundry, and Wi-Fi connectivity. This ensures that guests staying at the property are comfortable and relaxed.

  • Facilities and services available –

Ultimately, it is the extras that make all the difference in any rental experience. Many high-end corporate rentals offer residents on-site access to swimming pools, fitness centers, spas, and even tennis courts. These benefits elevate the work experience to a whole new level and help cater to every lifestyle imaginable.

  • Cost –

The price and affordability of leasing a corporate rental is an important factor. However, it must be considered alongside other conveniences offered. For instance, rentals that are conveniently located and offer all the facilities for a comfortable stay help alleviate other costs associated with travelling for business.

5. How much do corporate rentals cost?

The cost of leasing a corporate rental depends largely on these 3 factors:

  • Location of the rental property
  • Size of the property
  • The quality of the accommodations and amenities provided

As such, corporate rentals can range anywhere between $1200 to $12,000 per month.

Corporate rentals also offer daily and weekly rates. And in contrast to hotels, the price decreases as the duration of stay increases, which make long-term leases much more cost-effective compared to short-term rentals.

6. Why are corporate rentals a good idea?

For companies that regularly send employees on work visits, or for those that host company retreats and entertain clientele, corporate rentals are a must-have. This is mainly due to the incredible services they offer.

Hotel stays for long-term visits become expensive and inconvenient. And are especially difficult when hosting large groups or families.

Corporate rentals strike a unique balance between the comforts of home-stays and the luxuries of a hotel visit. With great accommodations, fully-fitted kitchens, housekeeping facilities, and often even dining options, residents can feel comfortable and pampered at the same time.

This ensures that companies do not have to worry about their employee or guest accommodations as they are guaranteed a wonderful stay.

7. What is the best corporate rental in Orlando?

Though the options are numerous, when it comes to corporate rentals in Orlando, only one truly stands out. This is because the Bear’s Den Residence Club offers unmatched accommodations, facilities and services.

Located within the acclaimed Reunion resort and in close proximity to the numerous attractions of Orlando, Bear’s Den provides convenience plus absolute privacy for its residents.

Featuring spacious and impeccably-designed residences that include modern kitchens, lounges, and even game rooms, the accommodations are a perfect blend of comfort and splendor.

Some of the incredible facilities and amenities on offer include:

  • Private pools
  • Playgrounds
  • Fitness centers
  • Spa
  • Tennis courts
  • On-site water park

Additionally, Bear’s Den Residence Club boasts of amazing dining options that offer exquisite cuisine to please every palate.

The services provided range from housekeeping and grocery-shopping, to attentive club and concierge staff who take care of everything, ensuring no need goes unmet.

The best part? The club offers access to the world-renown golf courses within Reunion resort making every businessman’s golf dream a reality.

All this and more make Bear’s Den Residence Club the perfect corporate rental in Orlando.

If you are on the lookout for a corporate rental in Orlando, look no further than the Bear’s Den Residence Club. With incredible accommodations, amazing amenities, and fantastic facilities, it is truly the best of the best.