Incredible Attractions in Orlando That Are Not Theme Parks!

Orlando, Florida. The name is synonymous with incredible tourist attractions and destinations. Home to some of the world’s best theme parks, it is easy to see why they are viewed as the most exciting features of the city.

But beautiful weather and amazing theme parks are not the only things Orlando has to offer. The city boasts of numerous other attractions that cater to every type of visitor. From nature lovers, to history buffs, and science enthusiasts, there is something for everyone.

So, what other world-class attractions does Orlando have? What would you do if you were not a fan of rollercoasters and theme parks? Take a look at some of the incredible options below:

1.Zoos, Aquariums, and More!

For animal lovers everywhere, the zoos and aquariums in Orlando offer a unique experience and fulfil their wildest expectations. There are several options available but a few of the must-see ones include:

  • The Central Florida Zoo-

From rhinos to giraffes, the zoo houses an incredible variety of species, including some of the rarest animals on the planet. The zoo also features a splash park, zipline adventures, and hosts unique programs and camps catering to adults and kids.

  • Sea Life Aquarium-

Featuring Florida’s only 360o underwater tunnel, the aquarium promises a truly immersive experience. With over 5000 creatures, including sharks, stingrays, and jellyfish, the aquarium also organizes conservation, breeding, and rescue programs. Combo ticket deals are also available that allow you to enjoy different attractions saving you time and money.

  • Animal Kingdom-

Part of Walt Disney World, the Animal Kingdom hosts incredible day and night-time safaris that explore the Asian and African wild-life habitats. These relatively short safari rides are packed full of incredible animal sightings and educational guidance.

  • Crystal River-

For an unforgettable experience of swimming with the Florida manatees, Crystal River is like no other. An early morning swim with these graceful aquatic mammals allows you to interact with them in their natural habitats.

  • Clearwater Beach-

Another popular option for viewing aquatic mammals are the whale and dolphin watching tours at Clearwater Beach. These scenic cruises last between 2-4 hours and can range in price from $20-$100.

And the best part about having mostly sunny weather year-round, is it gives residents and visitors endless opportunities to take part in a wide variety of outdoor activities and excursions.

2.Nature Parks and Botanical Gardens

To those looking to get way from the crowds, Orlando provides many opportunities to enjoy and revel in Florida’s natural beauty. These places offer a glimpse of Orlando’s extensive flora:

  • Everglades-

The Florida Everglades is the largest sub-tropical wetland ecosystem in the continent. As such, it boasts of a rich and diverse bionetwork. An airboat tour from Orlando can give you the chance to view this incredible region and the abundant wildlife that it hosts’, including turtles, Florida panthers, and alligators.

  • Leu Gardens-

This 50-acre botanical paradise is not your average park. It is designed to inspire visitors to creatively manage their own home gardens. In addition to the vast variety of florae, it features a museum, classes, camps, as well as events such as concerts.

  • Lake Eola Park-

This beautiful park located in the heart of downtown Orlando provides a scenic location for an evening stroll circling the lake. The Park also has paddle boats, and regularly hosts concerts and plays at the Walt Disney Amphitheater.

Florida boasts some of the best beaches in the nation. The state is bordered by both the Gulf of Mexico as well as the Atlantic Ocean giving rise to some truly spectacular coastlines. From the pure white sand of the Clearwater beach to the orange shores of Daytona, the beaches of the state are not only wide-ranging in their hues and textures but also in the adventures and experiences on offer.

Florida beaches are not just renown for fishing, surfing, kayaking, parasailing, rollerblading and horseback riding. You can take part in the American Sand-sculpting Championship at Fort Myers, join the annual Mullet Toss, or participate in the great Southern Tailgate Cook-off.  There really is a beach for everyone.

3.Museums Galore!

Museums are no longer simply quiet rooms filled with valuable art and historically significant displays, but are fun-filled, interactive experiences. The museums in Orlando certainly prove that! If you are looking for fun that is guaranteed to astonish your senses, visit:

  • Madame Tussauds Wax Museum-

An iconic museum filled with wax replicas of your favorite celebrities, giving you the perfect opportunity to pose with famous historical figures, actors and superheroes alike. The museum usually takes about an hour to go through, and there are many ticket deals available for nearby attractions to help fit your budget.

  • Orlando Science Center-

An engaging and interactive science museum that features theatres, exhibits and events that promote a truly hands-on experience. From rescue missions and simulations, to dinosaurs and STEAM activities, the museum provides several hours’ worth of fun for both adults and kids.

  • Kennedy Space Center-

Another wonderful option to explore and celebrate the technology and the people that make space exploration a reality. Immerse yourself in NASA’s enthralling feats, train as an astronaut, and if the timing is right, witness a rocket launch!

  • Ripley’s Believe It or Not-

A museum full of unusual and fascinating exhibits that is sure to baffle the mind and entertain endlessly. This weird and wonderful world is showcased with artifacts, illusions, and skeletal remains!

  • Crayola Experience-

The Crayola Experience is an immersive and colorful destination featuring 26 different attractions. From learning how a crayon is made to seeing the world’s largest Crayola crayon, and experimenting with color, this experience promises hours of fun and unleashes the creativity and magic in us all.

The Tallahassee Museum is a treat for wildlife and history enthusiasts, while art-lovers would appreciate the wonder that is the Salvador Dali Museum. Living in Florida can certainly feel like a non-stop vacation.


Like its theme parks, Orlando is home to some of the best golf courses in the world. With 58 courses in and around Orlando, players are spoilt for choice. The range and diversity make the city an incredible golfing destination year-round.

Some of best golf courses in Orlando include:

  • Niklaus Course at the Reunion Resort and Club
  • Waldorf Astoria Golf Club
  • The Country Club of Orlando
  • Lake Nona Country Club
  • Magnolia at Walt Disney World

In addition to the premier courses at luxurious resorts and clubs, there are several public and municipal-owned courses too, ensuring no player lacks the opportunity to tee off.

The physical and social benefits of the game aside, playing on the beautifully landscaped courses of Florida offer an incomparable experience.

5.Adventure Parks

Considering that most visitors to Orlando comprise of families, the city has an impressive array of attractions that cater to family-friendly fun. Countless adventure parks promote activities that can be enjoyed by all age-groups without any minimum height requirements.

Along with families, many corporate outings consider Orlando their preferred destination. This is largely due to the array of activities available that are ideal for groups and promote team building,

These fun, family-friendly, and adrenaline-boosting places include:

  • Legoland-

Nothing says family-friendly quite like Legoland. With its theme parks, water parks, seasonal events, and mini golf, there is something for everyone!

  • Fun Spot America-

This is an incredibly underrated park that features bumper cars, go-carts, arcade games, and even a wooden rollercoaster. Best of all, it is budget-friendly!

  • Wonderworks-

This attraction offers the combined entertainment of a science center, amusement park, and a museum. Its characteristic upside-down buildings and interactive exhibits promise many hours of fun for all age groups.

  • Tree Trek Adventure Park-

Experience the thrill of ziplining at this outdoor adventure park that is an incredible aerial obstacle course. Featuring ziplines, trapeze swings, and suspended ropes, you can challenge yourself while building confidence making it the perfect group outing.

  • The Escape Game-

An effective team-building activity, escape rooms offer the chance to unlock your inner Sherlock, while having fun and promoting team effort.

  • Orlando Paintball-

This is another activity that is naturally team-building. Orlando Paintball offer a variety of scenario games with 8 indoor and outdoor fields for paintball and laser tag. As these games require strategy, communication, and leadership, they are ideal for corporate outings.


Sports fans need not despair! Orlando provides a variety of indoor and outdoor activities that will fuel your competitive side no matter the weather. Some popular sporting venues are:

  • Reunion Tennis Resort-

The weather in Orlando provides incredible opportunities for tennis. As such, the city has a numerous options ranging from public courts to those at exclusive resorts.

  • Splitsville-

Located in Disney Springs, this venue is a must-visit for bowling enthusiasts. With 30 bowling lanes, billiards, and excellent dining options, it is ideal for group outings.

  • Grand Prix Orlando-

This indoor go-karting facility promises a fun-filled day for families and groups. It features two different tracks, so whether you are an amateur or professional, the go-karting experience is bound to give you a thrill. It remains open till late and no reservations are required.

  • Andretti Indoor Karting and Games-

For more indoor fun, Andretti provides a wide range of gaming options including karting, bowling, ziplines, and old-time arcade fun.

Places to Stay in Orlando

With so much to do, it is important to have a perfect place to relax after an adventure-filled day out. Fortunately, Orlando has no shortage of fabulous accommodations that suit your requirements. Some of these incredible options available are:

  • Hyatt Regency
  • Holiday Inn
  • Wyndham Garden
  • Marriott Orlando

If you are looking for more spacious and private accommodations, a good alternative is to book a stay at a resort residence. These are ideal for families and corporate outings alike:

  • Reunion resort
  • Windsor Hills
  • Champions Gate

With the range of dining options available at these accommodations, as well as in and around Orlando, planning meals will not be a concern.

General Information and Tips:

  • Most attractions require reservations or pre-booking.
  • Tickets maybe booked online or on-site.
  • Tickets booked in advance can help save time and disappointment.
  • Always check the validity of the passes.
  • There are many ticket options available such as day passes, year-long passes, combo deals for different attractions, and group discounts for certain tours. Find out the most suitable option for your budget.
  • If you are short on time, consider investing in VIP or skip-the-line passes.
  • Check the dining options available at each attraction beforehand. Or find out if outside food is permitted.
  • If you are looking to celebrate an important milestone, most venues provide incredible options to host parties, events, and even weddings.
  • Consider accommodations that are easily accessible to the attractions you plan on visiting.
  • Inquire about concierge services that could book tickets for attractions and arrange transport to and from various destinations.


Undoubtedly, Orlando is a vacationer’s dream destination. But it’s not the theme parks alone that provide entertainment. Orlando really has something for everyone, of all ages, all year round.

Theme parks, though fun, are not for everyone. The crowds, long wait times, height or age restrictions, and high costs, make them unsuitable for many families or group outings.

Luckily, Orlando proves it is the perfect city for an amazing holiday. Offering numerous attractions and adventures, incredible accommodations and a multitude of dining options, Orlando truly is more than its theme parks.


If you are planning to visit Orlando, consider staying with us at the Bear’s Den Resort. In addition to the incredible accommodations, amenities, and golf courses available, we can make sure that you experience everything Orlando has to offer while we take care of the details.